Hive Dream


Hive Dream…

our Hive Dream buzzes at a fever pitch. dripping golden, industrious, fortifying. our Hive Dream is a collaboration of five performance artists, Lara Paxton, Tanya Gagne, Jill Marissa, and Sara Sparrow who between them are approaching a century on the stage. featuring lassos, trapeze, spinning carpets, handbalacing, song, dance, and as unpredictable as shivering flight, our show is a circus spectacle, an absurdist summer daydream, a lazy day in a meadow, and a humming hive of surrealist wonder. blurring any and all lines between circus, performance art, musical theater, individual and group mind, it is a gentle and energizing creation like no other….

see our ideas coming into form:

July 6, 8pm, Versatile Arts, Seattle WA

July 7, 8pm, Sparrow Studios, Olympia WA

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Lara Paxton

Lara Paxton is a cross-disciplinary performance artist whose pieces incorporate circus with character, craft, costuming, puppetry, music, and dance. In 1998 she founded Circus Contraption and served as artistic director for its 11-year lifespan. In 2005, she founded The Aerialistas, who have performed internationally at Teatro Circo Price in Madrid, Spain and Friedrichsbau Variete in Germany. Lara has performed nationally and internationally with her solo works, in particular her signature mermaid on aerial anchor, and her Granny on aerial walker. She now forms one half of "Two of Wands," an innovative, absurdist trapeze and performance-art collaboration with Jill Marissa.

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Tanya Gagne

Tanya Gagne, the Mistress of Mayhem, part carny, part sailor, part showgirl, part flowerchild, part tricky pony, is one half of the award-winning, neo-vaudeville sensation the Wau Wau Sisters as well as a long-time proud veteran of La Clique and La Soiree, the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, LAVA and Circus Amok. She is also the founder and director of the Trapeze Loft and Big Sky Works, a circus school and mutli-disciplinary community arts and performance space in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been produced far and wide from the Sydney Opera House to the Roundhouse in London, Lincoln Center (N.Y.) to

The Mayan Theater (L.A.) as well as Argentina, Hong Kong, the Phillipines and all over Europe. She has been a festival favorite at the Edinburgh, Brighton and Adelaide Fringe since 2005. A recent collaboration with Ricochet premiered in Berlin and was presented on the WC Fields stage at OCF in 2017.


jill marissa

Jill Marissa is a Seattle-based performer with a background in modern dance, aerial arts and gymnastics. Since moving to Seattle 12 years ago, she has performed with several companies including the Aerialistas in Spain and Germany, Valtesse Productions, DASSdance and Animate Objects Physical Theater. She co-founded ticktock, one of Seattle’s first contemporary circus companies, with collaborators Elizabeth Rose and Bridget Gunning. Her work has been shown in NYC, Chicago, New Orleans, and all over the PNW. Residencies and grants include Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, FRED Wildlife Refuge, Versatile Arts, Emerald City Trapeze Arts, and Capitol Hill Arts Center.

sara sparrow

Sara Sparrow came to circus in 2004 through a background as a gymnast, an actor and performer in musical theater, and as a classically-trained singer and musician who also holds a degree in visual art. her professional circus career spans everything from aerial to duo acrobatics, handbalancing, carpet juggling, clowning and more.

she has performed and created with Levity, the Aerialistas, Ricochet, and the Tallhouse Arts Consortium, and has worked for Teatro ZinZanni, the Friedrichsbau Variete, Teatro Circo Price, and Animate Objects Physical Theater. she has performed all over the west coast from Seattle to Oakland, and internationally in Japan, Spain, and Germany.

She is the founder and owner of Sparrow Studios in Olympia, Washington, which teaches a wide array of circus arts classes.