Schedule and Classes


Intro to aerial:

Have you always wanted to learn the basics of aerial? Our 8-week introductory classes cover everything from climbs and conditioning to basic wraps and poses. Absolutely no experience is needed for this class, and it is suitable for nearly all fitness levels. All students begin with our 8-week intro course before progressing to the next level. Contact us to learn about how you can get involved in our upcoming session!

current class schedule:

If you are a student with some aerial experience who has recently moved to Olympia, please contact us to arrange an assessment, and to see which of our classes might be a good fit for you! Attendance at ALL classes is by instructor permission only. We do not offer drop-in classes at this time.

The September/October class schedule is:


3-5 Silks Ensemble (Emily)

5-7 Continuing Beginner 1 (Giselle)


5-7 Continuing Beginner 1 (Giselle)

7-9 Intro to Aerial (Giselle)


6-7 Intermediate Aerial small group private lesson (Emily)

7-9 Continuing Beginner 2 (Emily)


4:15-5:45 Aerial for Teens (Emily/Marlo)

6-8 Intro to Aerial (Bridget)


7-9 Continuing Beginner 3 (Emily)


5-7 Intro to Aerial (Emily/Marlo)

7-9 Hoop N Sling (Bridget)


4-5:30 Partner Acrobatics (Ily and Casey)

I have taken many classes taught by Sara Sparrow over the years and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. She has a vibrant and positive attitude towards teaching which make her classes fun and rewarding. Aerial and ground acrobatics can both be humbling and it is easy to feel discouraged, but her supportive, confident teaching style has kept me coming back for more.
— Lily