Aerial and circus training for everybody!


At Sparrow Studios, we aim to provide high-quality training in aerial, acrobatics, and circus arts, in an atmosphere that promotes community, safety, body positivity, and fun. Whether you are interested in performing, or just looking for a way to stay in shape, we believe that everyone can succeed if they put in the time and effort, and we’re excited for you to join us!


schedule and Classes

We offer an array of aerial and acrobatic classes for most levels of experience…even total beginners with no movement background! We currently offer courses in everything from silks, trapeze, lyra, and rope, to modern dance, partner acrobatics, conditioning, and more!


our instructors

Sparrow Studios is honored to have a rich community of experienced instructors, who specialize in a variety of disciplines, but who all have a firm background in every apparatus.


Location and contact

Sparrow Studios is located in downtown Olympia Washington, at 207 Washington St NE. As we do not hold regular office hours, nor do we have a business phone, please contact us via email to arrange an appointment, or for questions about classes.

Sara is able to cater and tailor her teaching to a full spectrum of ability and skill levels from the most fledgling of beginners to advanced professional performers. It is truly a privilege, blessing and honor to have Sparrow Studios in our little community.
— Zie